Melaka Arrack

ABV: 40%



Introducing Compendium Spirits’ Melaka Arrack—an extraordinary spirit that pays homage to the culinary traditions and flavors of Southeast Asia. Handcrafted from the finest gula melaka, our Melaka Arrack offers an unforgettable tasting journey that is as rich and complex as the palm sugar from which it’s distilled.

Gula melaka is more than just sugar; it’s a symbol of Southeast Asian culture, bringing with it flavors of coconut, caramel, and a unique earthiness. By fermenting and distilling this age-old ingredient, we’ve created an arrack that’s both innovative and deeply rooted in traditional flavours.

Each bottle of our Melaka Arrack is a celebration of Southeast Asian heritage, encapsulating its richness and diversity in every sip. So go ahead, pour yourself a glass, and be transported to the palm-lined coasts of this vibrant region. Experience the allure of a spirit that’s as unique as its origins.


  • Description


    Arracks are rare spirits of South East Asia and the Indian sub-continent. Double distilled with slow-fermented gula melaka, a spin from the traditional use of coconut or palm sap, experience unique, complex and sophisticated taste profiles with a toasted dry finish with light caramelised notes.

    Bottle Format: 500ml, 250ml, 100ml

    Bottle(s) will arrive in standard Kraft Paper carton.

  • Ingredients

    Gula Melaka

  • Drinking Suggestion

    Suggested Enjoyment: To truly appreciate the complexity and richness of our Melaka Arrack, we recommend pairing it with something that respects its Southeast Asian origins.

    Melaka Arrack and Coconut Water: Simply mix 1 part Melaka Arrack with 2 parts chilled coconut water. Serve over ice and garnish with a slice of lime for a refreshing touch.

    This simple pairing elevates the tropical and caramel notes of the arrack while staying true to its cultural heritage. The coconut water enhances the arrack’s unique flavours, offering a beverage that is as delightful as it is distinct. Experience the true essence of Southeast Asia in every sip.