We are makers and purveyors of quality spirits and flavours.

It all began in 2015 when our master distiller established Rachelle The Rabbit Meadery to create exceptional, flavourful meads, an uncommon beverage choice in Southeast Asia, for locals to experience and enjoy. Upon creating a successful & well-received mead portfolio, it gave us a greater strive & vision to venture further into the uncommon, and shake-up the status quo of regional & international alcohol industries.

It all started with honey.

We first started experimenting by fermenting honey into flavourful mead and realized that by distilling the mead, we can create unique, premium spirits of caliber. Then, our curiosity piqued tremendously.
What if we applied this newfound knowledge to traditional methods of creating the world’s favourite spirits? After years of R&D and compiling all of the world’s alcohol recipes into a compendium of our own, we experimented on each recipe.

A fascinating discovery.

The result was the fascinating discovery that we are able to create spirits with a smooth experience for the mouthfeel, throat & stomach whilst retaining the full flavours and aromas of ingredients used.
This transformed our meadery into an avant-garde distillery, aptly named Compendium Spirits, where we’ve been honing our techniques, experimenting with familiar and exotic spirits & perfecting our craft.

Reimagine the Tradition of Alcohol production with an embracing touch of Asia

Introducing our first products

In 2019, we launched our first release and flagship products, Rojak Gin & Chendol Gin, an inspiration of Malaysian & Singaporean hawker cultures, flavours well-cherished by the locals. Many more interesting concoctions ensued, from ‘Kopi-O Liqueur’, ‘Straits Vodka (distilled with Southeast-Asian honey & spices) to ‘Gula Melaka Arrack’. We’re constantly innovating, driven to captivate the world with unique and memorable flavours. Masterfully crafted to be the catalyst behind every great night, with every sip designed to be enjoyed by connoisseurs, curious casual-drinkers & experience-seekers alike.

Making history in our home country

We have made history by launching the first-ever whisky in Singapore that is crafted from fermenting the humble and fragrant Thai hom mali rice.

Less begets more.

We do not use mass-produced neutral grain spirits as our base; there are no shortcuts in our processes.
Instead, all of our alcohol bases are fermented in-house, with high-quality, premium fermentables carefully sourced from all around Asia, such as honey, molasses & Gula Melaka. This ensures unparalleled smoothness with every sip.
Every batch of spirits undergoes a stringent & laborious process of brewing, fermentation, distillation & selective aging at our production facility in Singapore. This allows us to upkeep quality control of each production variable and maintain end-to-end consistency. While the process is demanding & tedious, the results are rewarding for us & our customers.
We do not cram dozens of ingredients into a bottle; we believe in selective minimalism. We only incorporate a select few ingredients to piqueyour senses. You will truly experience every ingredient listed on our bottle label –from the first taste on your tongue’s tip, the beautiful aroma drifting into your nose to the finish in your mouth. This is our promise.

Effort maketh quality, no shortcuts.

The People

We are thrilled to present our dynamic and talented team, each member of which brings specialized expertise crucial to the success of Compendium Spirits. As a collective, we are committed to excellence, creativity, and meaningful engagement with our customers. It’s this blend of expertise and passion that sets us apart in the spirits world.


Founder and Master Distiller

Leading our creative and technical endeavors is Simon, our founder, who started Singapore's first meadery and transformed it into a full-fledged distillery. With a background in Chemical Engineering and a passion for brewing and distilling, Simon leverages local ingredients from Southeast Asia to craft unique ferments and spirits, like our signature Rojak Gin and Hom Mali Rice Whiskey.


Brand Ambassador

Frank became a part of our team in 2020, taking on the role of Brand Representative. With a distinguished career in the Food & Beverage sector, Frank has honed his skills at notable companies like Young Master Brewery in Hong Kong and Laut in Singapore, where he spearheaded regional collaborations that showcased Southeast Asian products. More than just his expertise and experience, Frank brings a contagious zest for connecting with people and cultivating relationships. In his current role, he manages ongoing events and activations, serving as an exceptional ambassador for our brand.


Senior Marketing Executive

Meet Lea, our marketing dynamo who excels at transforming creative concepts into impactful campaigns that resonate. With a knack for storytelling and a deep understanding of brand identity, she's the force behind many of our most successful initiatives. As she's delved deeper into the intricacies of our spirits and the industry at large, she's developed a newfound appreciation—and a steadily increasing tolerance—for the fine art of sipping whiskey. =)


Commercial Director

Royston has recently joined us as a commercial director, helping the distillery developing and implementing the sales and commercial strategies to drive business growth. Royston focuses on expanding our market presence, forging new partnerships with distributors and retailers, and nurturing relationships with our valued clients. His extensive background in the wine industry equips him with an acute understanding of market dynamics, consumer behavior, and the art of crafting and selling premium spirits. Beyond his role as a commercial director, Royston is an aficionado of fine spirits and wines. His deep knowledge in these areas is a valuable resource for our team, often leading to spirited discussions and tastings that enrich our understanding and appreciation.

Yi Wen

Head Chef, Anthology

Meet Yi Wen, the culinary wizard who's been shaking things up in the F&B industry for over a decade now. From cozy home kitchens to the hustle and bustle of large-scale restaurants in hotels, this individual's got chops—both literally and metaphorically! Yi Wen's current playground? Anthology – the new brand house of Compendium Spirits, where he is not just another chef but a menu alchemist. Yi Wen has a knack for blending the best of both Eastern and Western cuisines. Ever tried a dish that tastes like a mouthwatering marriage of a French entrée and a Chinese stir-fry? Well, chances are, it's one of Yi Wen's culinary brainchildren. They're all about taking you on a taste adventure, breaking down the traditional walls of cooking styles to create something incredibly local and unique. So if you're looking to dive into a menu that defies borders and always keeps you guessing, Yi Wen is the name to remember. Trust us; your taste buds will thank you!


Co-Founder and Operation Director

Joey, our co-founder and operations director, brings an unrelated yet invaluable background that fuels her passion for the spirits industry just as intensely as any of the team. She deftly oversees a wide range of operational responsibilities, from marketing to general management, exemplifying the eclectic and committed spirit that defines our team.

The Distillery

Step 1


Step 1


At Compendium Spirits, our portfolio of exceptional spirits starts with a careful selection of four main raw ingredients: rice, honey, molasses, and gula melaka (palm sugar), all sourced from the region. Our focus on using local ingredients is a cornerstone of our production philosophy, allowing us to capture the unique flavors and aromas that define Southeast Asia.

A majority of our efforts in the brewing process is concentrated on rice spirits production. We begin by meticulously steaming and mashing the rice, followed by the addition of enzymes that convert starches into fermentable sugars. This labor-intensive process is pivotal in creating the complex base alcohol that distinguishes our spirits, including our acclaimed Hom Mali Rice Whiskey.

Step 2


Step 2


We take immense pride in our commitment to in-house fermentation. We believe that the soul of a truly great spirit lies in its raw ingredients, and by managing our own fermentation process, we ensure that our spirits capture the unique richness and depth of flavor inherent in high-quality, locally-sourced fermentables.

This approach allows us unparalleled control over the quality of the alcohol we produce and results in exceptional spirits like our Hom Mali Rice Whiskey, which not only satisfy but also intrigue the palate, offering a tasting experience that is both complex and authentically rooted in the flavours of Southeast Asia.

Step 3


Step 3


Control is key to quality consistency. We distil using a modified pot still with an enhanced heating system, which enables us to distil at a slow and more controlled pace, to produce spirits at desired strengths and intensity of flavour. All our spirits are double-distilled. First, we distil the fermented wine to spirits at approximately 40% ABV. Depending on the type of spirit we produce, the distillate will either undergo a maceration process from several days to weeks and then distilled again to produce a stronger spirit at approximately 60 – 70% ABV for selected gins; or double-distilled without maceration for vodkas, arracks & Blanco rums.
Step 4


Step 4


At Compendium Spirits, every decision we make is fueled by an unwavering commitment to quality—from our selection of regional ingredients to our meticulous in-house fermentation processes. This commitment extends to the aging process of our brown spirits and whiskey.

We exclusively use virgin American oak barrels, sourced from a highly-respected cooperage in southern Spain known for its artisanal craftsmanship. The influence of these barrels on our spirits is profound, imbuing them with rich, complex flavours and a unique character that sets them apart in a crowded marketplace. It's this blend of high-quality ingredients, expert craftsmanship, and an eye for detail that culminates in a portfolio of spirits that are as rich in story as they are in flavour.