We are the same group of creative minds founded Rachelle The Rabbit Meadery, the producers of Singapore’s inaugural locally-crafted mead—an alcoholic elixir created by fermenting honey and water. Drawing upon our expertise in fermentation, honed through our meadery experience, we’ve created innovative made-in-Singapore gins distilled from honey and gula Melaka and infused with familiar Asian botanicals.

Traditionally, gin is made with a grain-based distillate; however, we flipped the script by using fermented honey as the base for our distinctly local Rojak Gin. The inclusion of juniper, lemon peel, and torch ginger lends this gin a unique flavor profile that echoes the beloved local hawker dish, Rojak. As for our second signature sensation, Chendol Gin, it’s an innovative departure from the honey base. Instead, we use gula Melaka, redistilling it with pandan leaves, coconut, and juniper to capture the essence of the classic coconut-shaved ice dessert, Chendol.

The exceptional quality of our carefully-selected raw ingredients, coupled with our in-house fermented and distilled alcohol base, elevates both our gins into the realm of smooth sipping spirits. These gins not only stand alone for sipping but also beautifully complement a simple tonic. Take a sip of our gin, and let it ignite the magic of your evening!

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