Blanco Rum

ABV: 40%



Introducing Compendium Spirits’ Blanco Rum, a masterful blend of tradition and innovation, created from the finest molasses sourced directly from Malaysia. Experience a light, clear rum like no other, crafted to captivate your senses and elevate your cocktail experience. Its clarity and smoothness make it the go-to choice for mixologists and connoisseurs alike, seeking the pure essence of rum without compromise. Whether you’re crafting a classic mojito or experimenting with adventurous concoctions, Compendium Spirits’ Blanco Rum offers unmatched purity and versatility. Taste the difference today.

  • Description


    Our Blanco Rum is meticulously produced via a rigorous 8-week process of fermentation and double distillation. Available in 500ml, 250ml and 100ml.

  • Ingredients

    Malaysian Molasses

  • Drinking Suggestion

    Unveil a new dimension of flavors by pairing our meticulously crafted Blanco Rum with fresh sugarcane juice. This simple yet extraordinary mix celebrates the spirit’s natural sweetness, elevating it to unparalleled heights. To make this delectable drink, mix 1 part of Blanco Rum with 2 parts of freshly pressed sugarcane juice. Add a squeeze of lime for a touch of acidity, and garnish with a sugarcane stick or lime wheel. Serve over ice and revel in this refreshingly natural cocktail that captures the essence of tropical elegance.