Hom Mali Rice Whiskey (Cask Strength)

ABV: 68%



Singapore’s first single grain whiskey is made using a familiar Asian grain, the humble and fragrant Hom Mali rice. Taking after the best qualities of the long Hom Mali grains that are highly sought after for their genteel fragrance and silky texture, this deep, moreish and bold rice whiskey is a first of its kind.

Our Hom Mali Rice Whiskey (Cask Strength) received the esteemed Bronze Medal at the 2023 Singapore World Spirits Competition, earning notable acclaim.

  • Description


    The pure, unadulterated expression of our flagship rice whiskey, this cask strength release is made for the unabashed pleasure seeker. Prized for its lingering jasmine aromas and bold nutty tones, the Hom Mali grain is given full reign to shine here.

    Fermented, distilled and aged in Singapore.

  • Ingredients

    Single Grain Fragrant Rice, American Oak

  • Drinking Suggestion

    For those bold enough to experience our Hom Mali Rice Whiskey at cask strength with an impressive ABV of 68%, we recommend adding just a few drops of water to your pour. This simple act transforms the whiskey, unlocking a symphony of flavors and aromas that might otherwise go unnoticed. The water mutes the alcoholic bite just enough to allow subtler notes to come to the forefront, offering a complex and rewarding sipping experience. It’s the perfect way to appreciate the depth and richness of our cask strength offering, revealing hidden layers with each drop.