Rachelle’s Apricot Tea Mead

ABV: 10%



Our all-time favorite, Apricot Tea Mead, is an enigma that delights the senses. Despite its name, there’s neither apricot nor tea involved in its creation. Instead, this distinctive brew is a masterful fermentation of honey meticulously with dried Osmanthus flowers. The resulting nectar surprisingly boasts notes evocative of apricot, a pleasant serendipity that captures the essence of our commitment to experimentation and the unexpected. It’s not just our signature product; it’s an experience that challenges perceptions and rewards the adventurous palate.

  • Description


    Medium-sweet with a beautiful osmanthus fragrance, refreshing apricot notes with a light and smooth finish.

  • Ingredients

    South East Asian Honey, Osmanthus

  • Drinking Suggestion

    For the ultimate experience of our unique Apricot Tea Mead, we recommend serving it chilled. The cold temperature beautifully elevates the unexpected apricot notes and floral undertones, offering a refreshingly smooth sip that pays tribute to our brand’s very first offering. Uncomplicated yet profoundly rewarding, it’s the perfect way to savor the essence of this all-time favorite.